Social Media

cynd_img_social-media-likeSo, really what is Social Media?

Social networks are not new; social media has been around for years, yet the platforms are constantly changing and evolving. Are you going to change with it? Social media is embedded in every company’s strategy, how do we keep up with the rapidly shifting pace of social media?

Social media integrates technology, telecommunications and social interaction. Social media uses technology to connect with the people around you. While online communities (text messaging, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc…) are not communication strategies, they can be used as social media tools to reach your customers.

How can you get started today?

Before you get started, you need to evaluate how social media fits into your strategic communications plan. It’s easy to get lost in all the cool blogs and applications—which could lead to burnout and wasted time.

Cyndee is available to train you on the most popular social media networks and how to properly use them to advance all aspects of your business. She will give you the tools needed to adapt to the rapidly shifting platform—inept of fear. Let her push you in the right direction, or even craft a full marketing plan if needed. For more information email Cyndee directly, here or call (239) 571-3174(239) 571-3174.