Personal Branding

Ready to plan your next challenge and be on your way to building an unforgettable personal brand?

Personal branding is defined as strategically positioning yourself as a center of influence. It is about understanding who you are—your purpose and place. Personal branding is the way you’re viewed by the world—your appearance plays a vital role. When someone hears your name or the name of your business, what do they immediately associate it with? Cyndee Woolley will give you all the tools and training necessary to bring brand [You] to life. She will simply challenge you to be authentic, to build relationships, and to be visible. There are many factors to fine-tune your personal brand. To be successful, you must shape your personal brand so it reflects what is important to you. Don’t get lost in all the details, just make a checklist and take it one step at a time.

As you work toward Building Brand [You], take into account these seven short lessons…

  1. You are Brand [You]

    Your brand is a reflection of every experience a person expects of you, and his or her emotional reaction to that experience. You have the power to build trust, create meaningful connections, and stay relevant in today’s world.

  2. Set your sights and your goals for [You]topia

    Identify your values, priorities and goals, and use them to achieve your ideal future.

  3. Value Brand [You] or no one else will

    Know your value and exactly what your ideal Customer expects from your brand. Make it your goal to live up to or exceed these expectations.

  4. Build your network wisely

    Surround yourself with people who will enhance your brand. Build a network of Ideal Customers, Peers and Inspirational Relationships to reevaluate your brand to achieve your goals.

  5. Brand [You] must be simple, short, and strong

    Choose 5 key messages to effectively communicate your brand and connect with your network.

  6. Smart Brands Speak Up

    Own your accomplishments, and be proud of what you do well.

  7. Be Relevant or Be Replaceable

    As you grow, continue shaping your brand. We live in a fast-paced ever-changing economy; you will survive and thrive if you stay relevant to current and future customers.

To learn more about personal branding, read Cyndee Woolley’s book Building Brand [You] and reach out to Cyndee for direct help on your personal brand here.

Cyndee is available for corporate and association training, or keynote speaking on effectively developing and communicating your personal brand.