cynd_img_arrow-targetAre your marketing efforts reaching the wrong audience?

These are common pains when your marketing plan is lacking structure. Your expertise should be in the product or service that you provide. Let an expert like Cyndee Woolley fill in the gaps for you.

What is marketing?

Marketing is targeted communications that influence consumers to buy your product. Without a plan, at least 50% and probably MORE of your marketing efforts are wasted, because you’re not effectively reaching your targeted audience.

So how do you go about creating a marketing plan?

Step 1 – State your objectives and research your customers.

Step 2 – Plan and define your marketing strategy.

Step 3 – Take action.

Step 4 – Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign, defined by the objectives you set in step 1.


By completing all four steps, you’ll know exactly what the return on investment was for the marketing dollars spent. A properly designed marketing plan will allow you to focus on your destination. We’ll develop a solid marketing plan that is not only realistic for your organization but will also help improve revenues.

Even non-profits have customized needs

A good non-profit marketing strategy will not only get you those donations, but will also keep them coming. By effectively letting the world know what your organization is about, you’ll have a better chance of continuing to do what you originally have set out to do.

Cyndee is available to help you define a marketing plan specific to your organization. Let us push you in the right direction, or create a full marketing plan, if needed. Email Cyndee Woolley directly, here or call her at (239) 571-3174(239) 571-3174.