These are the most important ways to communicate with your customers! Cyndee can help you optimize your use of these vital strategies: personal branding, public relations, community outreach, social media, and marketing.

Whether through technology, sales language, community action, or personal relationships, Cyndee will help you strategically position yourself and your company for maximum impact.

Personal Branding

Ready to plan your next challenge and be on your way to building an unforgettable personal brand? Personal branding is defined as strategically positioning yourself as a center of influence.

Public Relations

Struggling to build intentional relationships? Not seeing the results you desire? Public Relations is about building relationships with your employees, customers, and the community that you serve.

Community Outreach

Are you lacking the right message to communicate effectively within your community? Cyndee Woolley utilizes her professional public relations skills to promote awareness and organize events in the community that will benefit your organization.

Social Media

Social networks are not new; social media has been around for years, yet the platforms are constantly changing and evolving. Are you going to change with it? Social media is embedded in every company’s strategy, how do we keep up with the rapidly shifting pace of social media?


Are your marketing efforts reaching the wrong audience? These are common pains when your marketing plan is lacking structure. Your expertise should be in the product or service that you provide. Let an expert like Cyndee Woolley fill in the gaps for you.